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Selfless Love

Selfless Love

What is the ultimate goal of human life? What do we wish for, strive for, or daydream about? Material possessions, reputation, and relationships can make us superficially happy for a while, but they can also cause us worry and suffering. Worldly attainments are not the real meaning of human life.

In this series on Selfless Love, we will learn from Buddha’s teachings that loving others is the method for attaining the ultimate goal of human life—permanent peace and happiness!

Sun, Jun 30 Selfless Love - Learning to Cherish Others
Sun, Jul 7 The kindness of others
Sun, Jul 14 The benefits of cherishing others
Sun, Jul 21 Looking in the mirror of Dharma
Sun, Jul 28 Viewing all beings as supreme
Sun, Aug 4 Living beings have no faults
Sun, Aug 11 Humility

Classes are drop-in. Come to any class. There is no need to pre-register. But if you would like to pay online, you can do so below.

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