The Three Study Programs offered at KMCWA

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has designed three special Study Programs for the systematic study and practice of Modern Buddhism that are especially suited to the modern world: the General Programme, Foundation Programme, and Teacher Training Programme.

All three programmes are taught at Kadampa Meditation Center Washington.


Live Streaming Sunday morning and Monday evening classes.

Everyone, regardless of their level of experience or background, can benefit from the classes & courses offered on the General Programme. It is a highly accessible programme designed to address everyday problems with simple and practical advice that makes sense according to our daily experience.

These classes and courses provide a basic introduction to Buddhist teachings and meditations and are taught by Gen Rinzin, senior practitioners from KMCWA and sometimes guest teachers from outside the Seattle area. Through these teachings, we can learn how to use Buddha’s advice as a solution to our daily problems. In this way we come to experience a sense of peace and happiness in our lives.

How to join:
Everyone is welcome – you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend and you can attend as regularly as you wish. General classes are held at KMCWA on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturday courses and Sundays. You can pre register (recommended for weekend workshops and retreats to allow our kind volunteers to prepare delicious snacks or meals)

You can attend classes as often as you wish, and if you would like to support KMCWA you can become a General Program Supporter for $60 per month and attend general classes, workshops and retreats at a discount.

Register to become a General Program Supporter Here


The Foundation Program is designed for those who wish to deepen their understanding and experience of Kadampa Buddhism through a systematic study of six texts by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. Joining a structured study program of Buddha’s teachings brings great benefits: developing a good heart, improving wisdom, and enhancing cherishing of others all come from going deeper into study and meditation practice. Read more about the texts studied and benefits on our website.

How to join:
*Enrollment and regular attendance are required. Starting study at the beginning of a book or section of a book is advised. The monthly membership cost for the program is $80 and allows many discounts on other courses at the temple.

You are welcome to attend a class as a guest before deciding if you would like to attend regularly. Email for more information.

Register for FP Here

The Evening Foundation Program (EFP) meets once per week on Sundays, 6:15 pm – 8:30 pm. Rob Lutz is the teacher for EFP and has taught at KMCWA for many years. The class is currently studying Universal Compassion by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.


The Teacher Training Program is designed for those who want to train as a qualified Kadampa Teacher. In addition to completing the study of fourteen texts of Sutra and Tantra, including the six texts studied on the Foundation Program, students are required to observe certain commitments with regard to behavior and way of life, and to complete a number of meditation retreats each year.

*Teacher Training Program is not a drop-in program and enrollment is required. Students must have received Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments within the New Kadampa Tradition for studying a number of the books on the program.

Teacher Training Program taught by resident teacher Gen Rinzin

Register for TTP Here

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