"Abiding in Love" Retreat at Camp Indianola

"Abiding in Love" Retreat at Camp Indianola

2nd Annual Camp Indianola Meditation Away Retreat 
With Gen Kelsang Rinzin 

November 29December 1, 2024

Start the holidays with the stillness of tranquil abiding on love. 

Love is the foundation for all harmonious, enduring relationshipsIf we love our friends and our family, we will be happy, even if we have little material wealthBut without love, no amount of wealth or resources will enable us to create loving, long-lasting relationships. 

By developing a deep state of concentration on the mind of love, we can open our hearts to a state of immense peace, freedom, and joy. In this retreat in particular, we will emphasize the beginning stages of tranquil abiding meditation, beginning to advance in the levels of concentration on love. Through this, our life will change for the better, and we will directly discover the solution to our daily problems. 

Get away from the ordinary, recharge, and inspire your spiritual life! This retreat will grow your love and improve your meditations. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meditate in the peace and beauty of Camp Indianola, right on the shore of Puget Sound. 

Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience! 

Cost: $250 - $450 depending on accommodation includes all teaching, meals, and accommodation. 

Registration opens June 15, 2024

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