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Refuge Retreat

Refuge Retreat

Monday to Thursday, May 13 - 16, 2024

When we have refuge in the Three Jewels, we can remain calm, peaceful, and happy no matter what.

Everyone is seeking refuge - in money, food, distraction, but these leave us still feeling nervous and unsure - they aren't real refuge. As we navigate across the ocean of samsara's troubles, we can find real protection in Buddha, his teachings (Dharma), and his followers (Sangha). The Dharma Jewel is like a boat, the Buddha Jewel is like a skillful navigator and the Sangha Jewel is like the dependable crew that will help us reach the shore of permanent freedom from pain and problems.

On this retreat, we will deepen our practice and experience of Buddhist refuge, especially gaining inner realizations of the the path to enlightenment. Gen Rinzin will guide us to meditate on the stages of developing refuge. Each session includes time for:

  1. For silent study on refuge (books provided),
  2. Four stages of meditating on refuge
  3. Meditation on the actual refuge - the realizations of the stages of the path to enlightenment

Sessions are about 90 minutes long, and include prayers.

Note: We will be locking the door promptly at session time. Please give yourself time to find parking.

Monday, May 13 7am 11am 4pm
Tuesday, May 14 7am 11am 4pm 7pm
Wednesday, May 15 7am 11am 4pm 7pm
Thursday, May 16 7am 11am

This retreat is open to anyone, but it would be most beneficial to start by attending Refuge Day.

The basic format is described here.

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$3.00 USD
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