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What can we do when things go wrong? When loved ones are hurting, or when we're anxious about our health or finances? At these times, we need an inner resilience that can rebound from a hard knock, a buoyancy that stays afloat in the swamping storm.

Buddha's teachings on refuge and transforming adversity are what we need. We may not be able to avoid troubles, but can certainly transform them in ways to keep our cool, keep our peace of mind, and be able to respond in the most beneficial ways. By applying these teachings, challenging circumstances actually aid our inner spiritual growth, and finally help us attain the state of enlightenment. Then we will no long have any problems at all.

April 28 Introduction - a new outlook on problems
May 5 What is Buddhist Refuge?
12 Mother's Day - the kindness of our mothers
19 When there's no other choice, learning how to be happy in acceptance
26 Purifying
June 2 Working toward freedom
9 Compassion
16 Using the wisdom of emptiness and dependent relationship
23 Understanding the emptiness of feelings


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